Modules Included in this Package:

  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Facility Benchmarking
  • Efficiency Savings Tracker
  • Efficiency Report Alarms
  • Report Distribution Scheduler
  • Modern Reports and Graphing
  • Weather Normalization
  • Easy to Use Report Builder
  • EnergyStar Rankings

UtilityTRX Dashboard keeps all organizational objectives and performance in sharp focus and allows users to quickly drill down at any point for the underlying information or details. Report on efficiency savings, usage deviations, greenhouse gases, alarm lists, benchmarking, budgeting or any other items. Benchmarking quickly dissects mountains of data and brings savings opportunities to the forefront. Finally, schedule reports for automated distribution within your organization.

what it does


UtilityTRX Accounting provides an intelligent payment interface fully capable of submitting ACH payments and processing accounting export files. It is the most robust payment solution for insourcing utility bill payments. Take the first step towards capturing critical utility data and positioning your organization for lower operational costs. Learn More



UtilityTRX Analytics places your organization on a level playing field with your utility vendors. Now you can proactively and cost-effectively audit billed charges, optimize rates and monitor metered usage. UtilityTRX designs their analytics with a lean staff in mind, so that very few people can effictively manage a large enterprise. Learn More

How it Works


UtilityTRX Dashboards drive issue prioritization and overall strategy. By reinforcing the “big picture” overview or objectives for each function, each staff member has continued awareness of the objectives while also seeing the results or their past actions. Finally, UtilityTRX closes the loop by providing tools that ensure issues are resolved or notably open/unresolved for staff to see and take action.

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